How High-Ticket Coaching/ Course Businesses get 30 Predictable Sales Calls per Week with Paid Ads

 Ready to Scale Past 7 And 8-Figures with our Paid Ads Scaling System?

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Indubadora Despegue

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Our Process

4 Elements = Maximum Output

Part 1 - Converting Sales Funnel

✓  build you a highly converting sales funnel tailored to your business

setup a strong lead magnet that collects high quality leads

write your VSL script for you, coach you on how to film it, and edit it for you

✓  directly streamlined for conversions to achieve optimal KPIs

Part 2 - Paid Ads

✓ write all your scripts, coach you on how to film the ads, and edit the ads for you

✓ Our team will set up, launch, manage, optimize, and scale all your ad campaigns for you.


Part 3 - Email Nurture

✓  Copy and Paste Templates for Email Follow-ups

  Exactly tell you how to structure your Emails for maximum Sales Call outcome


Part 4 - Close Sales Calls



✓ We will provide you and your team with Sales Scripts that have a Closing Rate up to 30%

✓ If necessary we will find highly skilled closers for you

Other Customer Results when using our method

Our results speak for themselves


From 10 Organic Sales Calls per Month to over 70 Sales Calls and to 40k p/m with only 4,5k in ad spend

Freelance Freedom Lab

From 6 Organic Sales Calls per Month to over 120 Sales Calls and to 120k p/m with only 15k in ad spend

Incubadora Despegue

From 32 Sales Calls p/m from Paid Ads to over 220 Sales Calls p/m and to 260k p/m with only 30k in ad spend

We do help

✓ B2B Companies Selling High Ticket Coaching/Courses.

✓6-8 Figure Personal Brands Selling High-Ticket Courses in B2C Sectors like Health, Relationships, Business, and Personal Development.


✓Agency owners seeking to optimize profitable Facebook/YouTube Ads for enhanced client results.

We do not help

X Ecom, Brick & Mortar, or Dropshipping businesses seeking increased sales or foot traffic.

X ​We cater exclusively to personal brands, namely experts, authors, coaches, and speakers, not faceless ones seeking filming services.

X Micromanaging, nitpicking, passive aggressive entrepreneurs who dislike their customers.


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